Garments Sourcing Agents, Production Monitoring, Sampling Plans, Buying Agents, Design Development, Sampling, Quality Checks, Inspections, Audit and Shipment Co-Ordination.

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About Unita

Unita is a apparel buying house works as a mediator between apparel buyers, apparel importers, apparel wholesalers, apparel retailers, apparel manufactures , apparel export houses, apparel suppliers.

We are a Team of Creative - Proactive - Experience - Honest and Energetic Dynamic people. We bring to you Ethical Trading - Product Security - Product Innovation and a Stable consistent Supply base.
Best practices - Better conditions - Flexibility - Speed are core values at Fusion. A “Multi Product One Stop Shop” for all your Apparel Sourcing needs.

Unita is an well organized 100% export oriented apparel buying & sourcing company with vast field experience and modern communication management. The company incorporated in India and working worldwide. Check the latest buy requirements of Importers & Buyers from around the world. Placing order in India, Bangladesh, Sri lanka, China and Vietnam factories.

Unita basically a trading partner between the garments buyer retailer and manufacturer. Unita always plays a vital role in the RMG sector. It is the combination of all marketing activities, which is not only related to searching foreign garment buyers, order collecting, media for the manufacturers but also placing orders to the suitable garments manufacturing factories and providing all types of technical and communicational support to the buyers and manufacturers.

Inside Unita

We are committed to a partnership beyond deal making or buying and selling activities. We work towards adding value and enhancing your profitability by introducing new fibers, new yarns, new fabrics & new applications.
Our business is to promote your business. Unitaworks as a partner with you just like your internal team. While you focus on your business, leave your sourcing and marketing to us. We ensure peace of mind and ease of business for you.


Talk to Unita

We are always open for our customers and suppliers. Please email us for immediate response for your quote and any information.

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